In a globalized world, where distances are getting shorter – especially because of technology and social media – to be an entrepreneur has become an increasingly difficult task.


Nowadays, efficient companies need not only to focus on the execution of strategic management plans, but also to take into perspective legal issues.


Therefore, it is very crucial to be advised by legal specialists who have a deep understanding of the dynamics of the new economy, such as those of MACHADO NOGUEIRA ADVOGADOS.

Headquartered in the city of São Paulo, MACHADO NOGUEIRA ADVOGADOS provides legal services to small, medium and large companies.


Our legal specialists have more than 20 years of experience working with TAXATION, CORPORATE, CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL LAW, which enabled them to have a deep knowledge of the most complex issues that businesses must deal with when operating locally or internationally.


A multidisciplinary team, which is focused on intelligent solutions for Clients, our professionals are ready to meet Clients’ operational, legal and financial needs and to collaborate to their competitiveness and sustainable growth.


Machado Nogueira Advogados was formed with a mission of using all the experience and knowledge of its multidisciplinary team to provide outstanding legal services in order to help Clients achieve their goals in an innovative and effective way and to collaborate to Clients’ competitiveness and sustainable growth.


To remain as a reference in the segments in which it operates ad to be always recognized as a modern, innovative and efficient Law Firm by their Clients.


1. Integrity, transparency and ethics. Acting in an integral, transparent and ethical way in conducting business and in relationships with our employees, partners, clients and community.

2.  Conduct all work in good faith. We always provide quality services and excellence in order to help our clients achieve their goals in an effective and innovative way, exceeding their expectations by with our results.

3.  Commitment to trust. Our goal is to build a strong relationship with our Clients based on confidence and to deal with our colleagues in a very transparent way.

4.  Be a team. We are a business not only of legal professionals, but also of employees, clients and partners. For us, a united workforce is empowered by transparency, communication and exchange.

5.  The future is now. Our history does not combine with stagnation: in order to grow, we must constantly update and take action. Therefore, there is a healthy and perennial concern to keep us in tune with the needs of the market so that we can make efforts and investments in time to keep up with them.

6.  Loyalty to enthusiasm. We like what we do and are loyal to the enthusiasm with which we do.

7. Encourage quality and excellence. We are committed to attract great talents and encourage the continued qualification of our professionals. Our goal is that our high standards be reflected in the services we provide, generating satisfaction to all of those involved.

8. To share is to strengthen. We believe that the diffusion of knowledge is fundamental for the development of Society. We strive to contribute to the strengthening of Tax Law, as well as other areas in which we provide legal services, by stimulating the production of contemporary studies and the commitment to make them accessible.

9.  Respect, a philosophy and a culture. Respect to the Laws, work, truth, diversity, environment, people our historical patrimony of credibility and solid reputation. Respect in all professional and personal relationships.

Av. Angélica, 2510 – 11º andar | 01228-200 – São Paulo, SP

+55 (11) 3159-3999