The Office has extensive experience in labor law.

He is well acquainted with his peculiarities, which allows him to provide legal advice and advice (individual and legal person) in the judicial and administrative litigation field and in the Human Resources area, through a preventive policy, performing Audit and advising on Collective Negotiations.


  • Defense in judicial and extrajudicial processes;
  • Analysis of labor contracts and the provision of autonomous services in general, as well as of communiqués to workers in the most varied internal procedures;
  • Preventive, permanent or occasional advice, aiming at both the defense of rights and the management of possible contingencies, with suggestions aimed at reducing the risk of new complaints and assessments;
  • Identification of opportunities that may represent a reduction of the Company’s current costs of labor and social security charges, in strict compliance with applicable legislation;
  • Managements with the Regional Superintendences of Labor – SRT’s, including challenges to infraction notices;
  • Joint action with the human resources department, through constant or eventual general guidelines, aiming at the regularization of documents in the strict legal dictates, with elaboration and updating of contracts and documents.
  • Also in the field of labor, we also work in collective law, aiming at advising on the creation of Trade Unions, Associations and Cooperatives;
  • In Collective Negotiations with Trade Unions and Companies;
  • In the conduct of Assemblies and Elections, as well as in Collective Representations and Compliance Actions.
  • Advising Class Entities, Associations and Cooperatives.

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